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The Rotating Pace Line and How to Ride In It

Intro “Man! This rotating pace line is harder than it looks!”This astute observation echoed from the rear of the peloton at this years Chuck FONDEAUX! event. Our group was about 6 miles down the 9 mile stretch of Walker Road. We had spent those first 6 miles trying to get into the rhythm of riding […]

Safe Group Riding Skills: Overlapping Wheels

If you want to ride faster you need to ride with a group. Group riding pushes your limits and exposes you to riders better than you. The casual observer may think group riding looks easy. Just remember that every skilled athlete makes their craft “look easy”. The skills required to ride in a group are […]

Aero Bars and Group Riding

Are aero bars really a problem when riding in a group? I have playfully teased many of you for years about leaving your aero bars in place during group rides. Those whom I tease are strong and seasoned riders and I am confident they are well aware of the risks posed by riding with aero bars […]