Who We Are

We are a group of enthusiastic and aspiring cyclists committed to a common goal—sharing our beloved sport. Our members cross all spectrums of talent and age. We are always welcoming newcomers to our group rides and to become part of the Oriental cycling culture.

Our Rules

Our rules are few but steadfast. We are a no-drop club, meaning we begin the ride together and finish the ride together. Always bring your helmet; it just makes sense. We use common group riding road signals, such as indicating turns, slowing, stopping, and indicating road hazards. Don’t worry if these are unfamiliar, you will learn from our riders and be comfortable with them in no time. And, most importantly, we are here to have fun! Healthy competition is welcomed, but sportsmanship shall always trump victory.

If you are a visiting cyclist and are looking for a riding partner, or someone to show you around our beautiful county, send us an email by using the contact form. Many of our riders are more than willing to share their local road knowledge and relish the opportunity to ride with new faces. Pamlico County is a hidden gem of down east cycling and Oriental is a great home base for the local or traveling cyclist.